Multilingual Communication Services


Turn your messages into global ideas.

Editing and proofreading

Typos, misspellings or a poor writing style diminishes credibility of your messages. YAMBO assists with quality control for you to provide spotless content.


Conference interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting
Liaison interpreting
Court interpreting
Remote interpreting

Linguistic consultancy

YAMBO assess your multilingual needs and manages your projects to make your life easier (naming, exports/imports, internationalization, public speaking, etc.).

Sworn/Certified translation

Sworn English<>Spanish translator and interpreter appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (no. 9433).


YAMBO adapts your products and content (web, software, applications, audiovisual and marketing material, etc.) to a specific market and target audience, always considering the cultural aspects of each country and community.

Voice recording (voice-over)

Give voice to your words. Spanish voice recording for audio books, radio adverts, corporate videos, guides, call-centers, e-learning content, etc. Request a demo.

Speak local

>   Sell global


Committed to the highest quality, prompt responsiveness, strict confidentiality and an outstanding customer service, YAMBO advises companies, entities and law firms on how to internationalize their business and transform their ideas into global multilingual messages.

Behind YAMBO we find Laura Solana Garzón, Madrid-based translator and interpreter working from English and French into Spanish, with an extensive experience in multilingual communication projects for organisations in the fields of law, business, marketing, tourism, hospitality, human resources, insurance, B2N2C, retail, leisure and culture. Laura is a professional member of Asetrad and APTIJ, and has been qualified as a sworn translator-interpreter of English by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since 2012.

Find out more about Laura’s professional career.

Your words speak of you

Why should your organisation be committed to a linguistic identity? Because it generates trust, because your ideas and your words will reach further and deeper. Do not underestimate such an immediate and powerful element as your linguistic brand, which is also the seal and value of your reputation, that is, of your brand, your products and your services.

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